Takashi Tanimoto is a ceramic artist who, while facing the traditions of Iga head-on, boldly infuses his work with his creative spirit. The artist’s true strength lies in his distinctive forms, which are created with an awareness of the natural movement of the clay, and could be described as ‘acts without action’. While his seemingly eccentric works embody contemporary beauty, a close look at them reveals that they are based on a deep respect and diligent pursuit of the qualities of Old Iga.

谷本 貴

谷本隆是一位直面伊賀傳統、同時大膽融入自己創造力的陶藝家。 這位藝術家的真正力量在於他意識到土壤的自然運動而進行的引人注目的、隨意的創作。 雖然這些作品乍看之下似乎很不尋常,但它們體現了現代美,但當你細看它們時,你會發現它們是基於對老伊賀深深的尊重和大量潛心研究的基礎上的。

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