Introducing the New Aesthetic of Japan

HULS GALLERY curates and showcases fine crafts from around Japan, each with its own heritage and expression but together illustrating the country’s distinctive appreciation of beauty.

In recent years, Japanese crafts made with traditional techniques have come to attract attention around the world. Rooted in the country’s diverse regions and cultures, today’s artisans continue to build on those living traditions.

We strive to be insightful concierges of Japanese craft, giving people in Japan and around the world a personal introduction to these special pieces and the stories behind them, and sharing new ways of appreciating how they can enrich the moments of our lives.


We plan and organize various events related to Japanese crafts in HK, Singapore and Japan.

PERSONAL concierge

Our HK office staffs answer questions and serve customers.


Through our online showcase “KOGEI STANDARD”, we introduce the many stories of Japanese crafts to the world through workshop visits and in-depth artisan interviews.


Yusuke Shibata

Born in 1981. CEO and Founder of HULS Inc. based in Tokyo and Singapore. Specializing in the international business of Japanese crafts, Shibata is experienced in the planning and execution of both creative and business projects. In addition to managing all product curation for the galleries of Japanese crafts, HULS Gallery Tokyo and HULS Gallery Singapore, he is the chief editor of online resource “KOGEI STANDARD” and produces “KORAI,” an original brand of Japanese crafts.


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